These graphics allow you to compare clubs based on the average number of shots per match (on the horizontal axis) and the average number of shots it takes to produce a goal (on the vertical). The axes are centred on the average values for all of the clubs on the graphic, which divides it into the four labelled quadrants. The further away a club is from where the axes cross, the more unusual their performance has been, for better or worse. The coloured stripes act like ‘goal contours’ – if two teams are in the same stripe, then they’ve scored or conceded goals at a similar rate overall.
You can hover over any bubble on the graphic, or the quadrant labels, to display a summary and if you have trouble finding a team then you can hover over any of the club abbreviations at the bottom to highlight them on the graphic.


This graphic focuses on attacking and shows how many shots each club took on average per match on the horizontal axis and the average number of shots it took them to score each goal on the vertical. Therefore, bottom right is good (clubs who take lots of shots and don’t need many to score) and top left is bad (clubs take few shots and need many to score).

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