What is ‘MatchStory’?

MatchStory is the name for the Press Association’s approach to analysing and interpreting football data. Whenever we talked about what was at the core of what we wanted to do, it always came back to using data to tell a story: turning the numbers into insight.

Data is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of football – which we know about first hand, having supplied it for over a decade – but extracting something meaningful from it and communicating this clearly and engagingly is difficult. This is where we come in.

What this site is for

There are a lot of ideas flying around the office that don’t immediately find their way into our products, which we’ll be developing and sharing via this site. A lot of what we do is produced in collaboration with others, so we also wanted to be able to highlight our work. Finally we wanted to engage with people who are doing similar things in this space, to spark conversations about what we’ve done and what we could look at next.

Who we are

This site is run by and , two erstwhile bloggers with expertise in data analysis and visualisation respectively, working with others across the Press Association to create innovative football products. You can find out more about the Press Association here and get in touch with us or the contact form on this site.