You’ve probably already worked out that each team’s 38 matches are laid out in order from left to right, each represented by a circle. We’ve combined and the proportion of points each team won at home in the league last season using a simple algorithm to rank each team’s fixtures by difficulty.We’ve then ranked and categorised these using the key at the bottom to highlight relatively easy and difficult runs of games.

If you hover over any of the circles it’ll show who the game is against, the date it’s being played, whether it’s home or away and what the result was in the equivalent fixture last season. You’ll also spot vertical lines indicating the dates of potential Champions League matches.


  • Both Manchester derby matches are scheduled immediately after potential Champions League fixtures (matches 5 and 28), which could lead to some selection dilemmas as they attempt to compete on both fronts.
  • Villa have a pretty horrible start, without a relatively ‘easy’ game until October, so don’t be surprised if they spend the early part of the season near the foot of the table. February and April provide opportunities for a late surge up the table, although a stressful March could disrupt their momentum.
  • January is a significant month for two of the three newly-promoted clubs which could well shape their respective destinies. Cardiff’s is truly horrendous with away trips to 3 of last season’s top 4, while Crystal Palace enjoy 3 of their more winnable home games.
  • Sunderland and West Brom could benefit from having all four of their hardest games scheduled before or after Champions League ties which could distract their opposition. Both have away games against one of the big four either side of the semi finals (matches 35 and 37).
  • After a potentially lousy run of games at the back end of March which may cause Arsenal to stutter, the Gunners have a relatively easy finish to their campaign which could see them finish strongly.

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  1. This is fantastic. Much better than listening to the pundits.

  2. Kieran

    Wow really cool. Will you be keeping this up to date in line with the the current odds each week/month? If not I’d love to keep this up to date on a spreadsheet throughout the season, anywhere I can get the underlying data for this? Great stuff, keep up the good work

  3. David

    Will u do this for the Championship

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